So much to be happy about lately

I made it to day 7 stopping smoking without being short tempered today…trying to be extra careful emotionally. I am receiving an abstract piece of beautiful art from my niece in a couple weeks…I had to pay her for the piece but it was a third of the cost she usually gets for such a large piece. plus, my friend Brian has been picking banjo and guitar with me and we are going to start playing small gigs…really excited…plus Nancy my ex wife found out she has a very small amount of cancer in her lung and she is going to only need radiation to cure it…and then she’s cancer free finally !!


I’m so glad things are looking up for you :slight_smile:

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so you say you are happy,good for you.but people with schizophrenia are not happy.are you sure your schizophrenic.

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Uhm, people with schizophrenia can be genuinely happy just like anyone else.
The two aren’t mutually exlusive.


I have my doubts that all people on this forum have schizophrenia .maybe im taking the wrong doing really bad

I’m sorry to hear that.
Schizophrenia is tough, and combined with meds it can be hard to relearn to feel pleasure.

I tried antidepressants, until I realised they wouldn’t make me happy, just less miserable. Therapy worked better for me.

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do you take antisycotic now if i may ask

Yeah, I take Sapris. I think it’s called Sycrest in Europe.
I used to take Latuda, and it did wonders for my mood and my will to live, but it wasn’t available where I moved to so I had to switch.

What meds are you on?

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I think people with sz/sza can be happy but it takes effort to come out of the brain fog.

With me my sza has been a thief in my life since my teens.

Nowadays any happiness is fleeting.

But I try to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Any more than that eludes me.

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im on amulspride,its called solian here in used to work but these days its not working now.and with corona its very hard to find a psychiatrist

Glad to hear you’re doing better, jukebox!

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I am really happy and I really appreciate all the well wishes…thank you so much…

I’m happy for you @jukebox


Stay off the ciggies and you would be better for it…


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