More than one-third of patients with schizophrenia report being happy all or most of the time,


the findings showed that happiness was mostly associated with the patients’ positive psychological and social attributes such as resilience, optimism, and lower perceived stress.

People’s self-reported happiness was then examined in relation to other factors, such as age, gender, education, living situation, medication status, anxiety levels, and other mental health metrics, as well as physical health, cognitive function, and a list of “psychosocial factors.”

“People with schizophrenia are clearly less happy than those in the general population at large, but this is not surprising,” said lead author Barton W. Palmer, Ph.D., professor in the UC San Diego Department of Psychiatry.

I’m a pretty happy guy. Are you happy?

  • Yes I’m happy
  • Not happy
  • Somewhere in between

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I’m glad some schizophrenics are happy, I don’t feel a lot of emotion as its a negative symptom. But that’s good some are happy


Hopefully you’ll get there someday. Negative symptoms wax and wane in my experience, so hopefully yours are reduced soon.


I don’t feel really happy. I don’t feel really sad.


I usually feel happy and content.
I usually have grandiose ideas


I enjoy when i’m happy and i feel dead when i’m sad. I have both of this at different times. I am somewhere between i think most of time.


There were times I was happy when I was young and my body still worked well in spite of my mind not working well. Now my body is f’d up, and my mind works better but I can’t put it to a good use. It’s hard to say I feel great right now.


I feel…meh all the time. I would feel sad sometimes, but I don’t become extremely happy either. I just have moments of sadness and happiness.


Im not happy right now, but there are moments im happy.


I’m in between, I get really upset sometimes especially during the day from monday-friday when my mother is at work, but when she is home I feel happy


Is it a possible an avatar can tell if you are happy or not. That’s what I’m seeing from the results. People may be unhappy so they don’t switch their avatar.


I sometimes feel happy. 99% of my life I think about sz and that doesn’t make me happy.


Well, according to the poll so far, it looks like the study is correct. About one third are happy.


I’m not happy. I’m very good at putting on the mask and just getting on with things, sometimes I can be really depressed and no one would notice, but underneath I am haunted by obsessive thoughts and voices and fantasising about suicide. It’s just how it is for me.


I don’t know if people could be all the time happy but then i read the title again


Well I have schizoaffective and primarily experience depression with some mania. But when I’m not in an episode I usually don’t feel much at all


I’d say I’m content
Not happy
Not sad
Just content
Accept life as it is


Who did they survey? People that dont know what true happiness really is? Sorry if I’m insulting people but I’m serious. I cant feel emotions and negatives symptoms kick my butt


I’m pretty happy almost all of the time. Although I would say the times when I am sad, I am actually super sad. A lot more so than I was before the disorder. Probably something having to do with my schizoaffective diagnosis.


On a scale of 0- 10, with 0 being dead, and 10 being manic, I would say I’m in the middle, at about a 5.