So much built up hate

Honestly I hate a lot of things due to sz.
-I hate how my life turned out.
-I hate how the voices never stop.
-I hate bad looks that people give me( cause they can see the hate on my face).
-I hate that I hate talking to people anymore.
-I hate my dad for never being there.
-I hate that I have no friends.
-I hate going to work.
-I hate that sometimes I have 12+ hour shifts at work.
-I hate Schizophrenia.
-I hate paranoia.
-I hate medicine.
-I hate that I was even born into this world.

One thing I do love is my girl’s smile, cause that makes me forget all the built up hate that I have.


Maybe you can find friends on this site. You might want to work in some affirmations in your list.

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This was a specific negative post, to let out what I hate… even though its mostly bad, I do have some positives in life.


When I was growing up I had an enormous amount of hate in my life that I could never, ever express. The person I hated just could not have handled it. Now, today, I am facing a similar nightmare to the one I had growing up.

I know what you mean, its hard keeping in all that hate and making it seem like you’re ok to everyone. A lot of my hate goes to my dad, if I could see him today and, idk, cuss him out or beat the ■■■■ out of him, it would probably make me feel a whole lot better.

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