The haters and people who like them

They make me so sick I think I’m permanently schizophrenic

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I don’t feel like dying tonight

Maybe tomorrow


Haterzzz can be pretty popular indeed.
Amazing and astounding that.
But on some level i can find hate and extremism a touch brilliant and hilarious depending on how etc but ofcourse it is very delicate and sensitive and i am more a turn the other cheeck kinda gal i reckon.

Are ya feeling hated or towards someone else?

I have been very hated .
I think it was jealousy and they would get together all of them against me and maybe steal and cheat and lie even on scientific stuff which made me lose all respect for them i think.I may still have love for them though. In some format.
I do sincerely not even seem to wish my enemies bad.

Good day to you Daze or Good night or both actually and i hope your well.

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I think my life has evolved into total entrapment

It’s hard to take

If I walked in or not

Didn’t make it to my new job today

Feeling suicidal

I can’t get back on my feet

And mean people

My family very disappointed I’m on this site again

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, @Daze. Why is your family against you being on this site?

Sorry I accidentally hit flag

Actually there’s probably only a handful of people who hate me on here

But they will try to get others to hate me

My family says the site does nothing
But add negativity and harm to me

I texted my supervisor telling her I’m suicidal
This morning but I still want the job

She hasn’t responded

Some people have a bit of a monster reality. I was with a kinda friend the other day, and he was insulting and abusive, which is the way he always is. Why is that? I don’t know. I’ve known many other people who seem to have issues with anger. As for the haters, who are they? Do you mean the people who hate schizophrenics. There’s a lot of them out there. I think people hate schizophrenics because they don’t understand who we are and what we go through. Whenever our community is mentioned on the television it either involves violence of we’re called potheads.


I can be fairly critical too

But there’s no one I abject hate

I don’t mind if a person has a problem with me

But bring it to me directly

And don’t hold a grudge

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Try to ignore them…we had our fair share of arguments…I think we buried the hatchet rather well…but it was never because I disliked or hated you…just disagreed with you…be the bigger person and let that ■■■■ go…

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You’re right

I want an easier life I guess
So disappointed in myself
For screwing up this job

Did you hear back from your supervisor? I hope they’re understanding and you still have a job.

Beth doesn’t think I’m ready for work

Mornings have been hard lately

Wish I could get my pet business going again

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I cant work either. I’m afraid that even if I got a job someday I will ruin it with my irresponsible behavior.
And I understand that self tormenting thoughts because you feel useless, not to mention the financial side of it.

My psychiatrist was like “well just try to be okay with the fact that you cannot work for now, you can be useful doing the house and parenting stuff”.
Easier said than done.


I hear ya

My daughter says volunteer more
And find the good people in the world

Then gradually get into work