R/schizophrenia - I'm on Roluperidone a new medication for negative symptoms


how he found roluperidone?

The person says they are not on a clinical trial and cannot state how they got the medication.

Tests are being done at 32mg and 64mg and this moron is taking 100mg.

Fkn idiot probably got a chinese knockoff on the deep web.


i want to try to. is chinese version safe ? and is it illegal

I wanna know why there aren’t a thousand more of these threads. Do people in clinical trials have to sign NDA’s or something?

yes, i have a lot of question. anhedonia ruined my life

do you know where they making clinical trials

Google Roluperidone clinicaltrials.gov there should be a directory With all the trial sites

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But I think we’re about a year away from phase 4 so We’ll all be getting this prescribed pretty soon

I Roluperidone passes Phase III, when is it expected to be available?

Is my impression correct that Roluperidone improves negative symptoms, but not significantly cognition?

late 2021 if i remember correct. if minerva had not been hacked date was late 2020. and if you are not living america -like me- only god know when you can reach this drug