So I've been walking and eating healthier

I’ve been walking on the treadmill lately and I’ve cut out sugar, pasta, and bread, even gluten free stuff is cut out. I can feel my stomach tightening up I hope to go from 208 to 120 or 130… My therapist and my PCP are all for this and my therapist suggested the new diet and I’m gonna make it a lifestyle change I hope losing weight will boost my self-esteem.


Good going @Twialine! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great!

I mainly walk around town for exercise.

But a little exercise really goes a long way. It will also help out with your anxiety.



Good luck! I plan on starting a new diet after my birthday.

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Remember you can go a bit backwards early. You put on muscle which is better than the fat anyways. You sound like your doing all the good things so hang in there and just keep on keeping on. It really is so worth it for your mental health too.

Much peace.


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