My weight loss

Okay so today is day 5 of my diet and I’ve lost 6lbs! Changes: my feet don’t hurt so bad when I wake up. What I’m doing: I’m on a sugar free gluten free diet while trying not to eat my emotions. What has helped: Jello. And I’m still losing even though I ate pizza yesterday! But I know if I eat to much more not only will I stop losing weight but I’ll end up gaining again.


losing weight is hard at first but it is well worth it everyone can benefit from losing some pounds and lowering body fat percentage. I really like the diet I’m on because there are so many recipes for almost any food that makes it work for the diet and they taste pretty good also I feel less hungry when I eat this way so its easier for me to hit a calorie deficit, hope u stick to your diet long term because you will notice more good changes the longer you do it@

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I am also dieting. Nothing crazy, no fad diet. Just portion control and low fat and low sugar. I’ve lost 14 lbs in just about a month. I am proud of myself and both of you.


I didn’t know this, but my doctor recently told me that losing weight was 80% diet and 20% exercise (I thought exercise was higher than 20%).

You’re doing a great job on your diet.