So it turns out that I never had Schizophrenia after all

Visited my pdoc the other yesterday and it turns out I never had sz, but instead some symptoms of a Personality Disorder, not any specific, also, these personality disorders are a pretty subjective thing depending on the culture of the place you live,etc.

It seems as you grow up these disorders fade away, I still have some symptoms but they were stronger as kid as I remember.

Always been a pretty peculiar person but always managed to do good by adapting, I have a high intelligence to make up for it LOL

I’m a very sensitive person too, stress can really mess me up, that was the problem at my adolescence so I ended in a bad state and having to visit the pdoc.

Doctor told me to quit meds at the end of 2018, whole 2019 has been the best year of my life, or maybe just as good as before all this started.

Now, it seems I’m ‘cured’ the pdoc discharged me.

I gotta catch up quick, haven’t done much in the last 15 years LOL


Well good for you. Have you thought about getting a second opinion? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I hope they’re right …


Nah, not really, didn’t when I was diagnozed, won’t do now that I’m undiagnozed lol

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He doesn’t want to maybe monitor this for a couple of years? Just to hell with it? Seems fishy to me. I’d get a second opinion, just in case.


How many years were you diagnosed sz @Bokeh?

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Well that is great news!!!
I’m so happy for yaa.
How comes they diagnosed u in the first place??

This is good for you. Any negative symptoms?

I just get anxious easily, when on a group of unknown people for example, stress control is key, right now I need some vacations as I haven’t had any in like 2 years, when I feel fine I don’t just feel fine I feel great! when anxious tho everything changes lol

Good nutrition, sleeping, no substances (caffeine) are also key, I can’t fail on those.

About the diagnosis, a personality disorder makes way more sense, I have never had allucinations, always been high functioning, etc

One of the personality disorders says the individual doesn’t care about social interaction, as a kid I used to be like that, I was indifferent to people, now it’s the other way around, I’m very social.

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