Almost one year no meds

I posted a few months ago about not having taken any meds in 9 months. It’s not 11 months. Aug 1, 2022 will be one year. I have never gone that long with no meds. I am 100 certain, now, that I had a nervous breakdown 7 years ago. I went nuts out of nowhere, was diagnosed with BP disorder, SZ and delusional disorder by different p-docs. They never entertained the idea that because I was under unfathomable stress at the time, I broke that maybe my psychotic break was due to the extreme stress and not genetic factors or a predisposition for SZ type illness. I have no symptoms at all. None. I know you can have a return of symptoms at any time, but I don’t think I will. I had always had symptoms on or off meds since I was diagnosed (my first episode) in 2015. Meds didn’t make my inserted thoughts stop nor my delusions of being watched all the time and followed. I haven’t had any inserted thoughts or delusions for almost a year. I feel like a totally different person. For several months, I ‘missed’ the inserted thoughts (what I thought were real people talking to me). I don’t miss the delusion of being watched though. Very weird. I look back and it is like I was high on LCD or something.


Thanks for sharing your story. That’s great! Happy that you have been medfree and psychosisfree for so long.

Liquid Crystal display?

All jokes aside. I wish you well. I hope that you are able to make it off meds permanently. I urge you to monitor yourself closely and be on the lookout for any emerging problems. I tried to reduce my meds recently and ended up going back up because of increased paranoia. I think it is important to have good insight and be watchful for emerging symptoms for anyone attempting this long term.

Out of curiosity, are you still seeing a pdoc?


Haven’t seen a pdoc in about 8 months or so. I quit without saying anything. I felt like I was normal and, of course, that happens with people who have SZ, because the meds can make you ‘feel’ normal. I knew, in my case, it was a different situation, so I didn’t say anything. Never had any sx in my life. Suddenly in June 2015, I went nutso. Stayed crazy even on meds with people talking to my brain and being watched everywhere I go. I felt like my issue was resolving a year ago. It was actually my children, who have known me their whole lives (in their 20’s) that said “I think you had a nervous breakdown from stress.” I agree.

Anyhow, thanks for the well wishes. I will certainly keep an eye out for weird feelings. Lord knows when I WAS crazy, I was bat sh*t crazy! Not just a little bit crazy! I thought I was on another planet at one point. So strange to be back to normal and think back on those bizarre thoughts. I have so much empathy for people with MI. It’s not easy.

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Fingers crossed for you. I’d sure love to be able to ditch my meds.

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A large number…it’s like 20% recover from first episode psychosis without the need of further medication. I hope your one of them and you continue to do well. Stress is a great leveller for most folks but if your multiepisodic your probably meds till a better outcome comes along.

A doctor will diagnose!

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