So I went to have a look

And it’s definitely not for me. I won’t be attending the interview. She showed me around and was asking questions about why I struggle and there must be a reason I sought an autism diagnosis … Whether I take meds etc.


What type of place did you want to work? The NHS?

It’s inappropriate to ask about meds and why you struggle imo.

Maybe she is just a nosy person?!

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Yes I thought it wasn’t appropriate however I did mention I had a diagnosis … she was a nurse. Yes NHS.

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Isn’t that discrimination


Maybe she just wanted ‘to help’ :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know if it’s discrimination as I told her about my autism in an email … And explaining that that is why I’d love some accomodations at the interview. Like more time to answer.

Do you think it’s descrimination that she asks if I take meds ?

I wouldn’t bother to much. The question about med is first that comes to mind if you talk about autism.

sounds potentially illegal as far as in the US, it would not be appropriate to ask about taking meds after disclosing you have autism and accomodation if this was the actual person interviewing you and cancelling the interview.

but this wasn’t the employer right? this is your employment agency person helping you navigate the interview, maybe she was just making a decision for you.

not sure what your laws are but the ADA law is very specific about asking meds during an interview

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When I got a job offer from the Belgian IRS, I asked for accommodations and they were asking me questions like if I still had episodes.

Those type of questions put me off.

Edit: My chiropractic school asked if I was a danger to myself or others.

We just have to deal with these type of questions.

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No this was the lady who was going to be part of the interview panel. So she was going to interview me. This isn’t an agency. I applied directly.

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Still think it is inappropriate to ask about medication in an interview process.

That’s very personal. Also ADA American disabilities act in the US prohibits asking your medical history and medication even after disclosing disability.

Appropriate would be asking if you can perform job requirements.

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