I’m struggling getting work


So I have gone through 12 interviews and can’t get a job and I believe it has to do because of my sz. I’ve lost 2 jobs already because of my sz so my doctor and I decided it was best I was up front with my sz at interviews so ppl would know about my condition before hiring me. But no one hires me! Any advice?


I wouldn’t lead with your illness. I’ve worked in sales and marketing the past 5 years and none of the people I work and have worked with know anything about my illness. Employers aren’t supposed to discriminate and why give them that option?

What kind of jobs are you interviewing for?


I don’t lead off with it, I tell them till the end. Usually after they tell me they are pleased with my resume and interview. Interviews to construction, sales, and security.


People discriminate, and most really don’t understand sz and are scared of it because of how the media depicts it. We’re all crazed serial killers to them. I’m surprised your doctor told you to share that. I wouldn’t. Your medical information is your business, and other than letting them know that you need the occasional day off for an appointment, I wouldn’t say a thing.


I do I tell them I need a day or two off for appointments?


I mean without telling them about my condition?


I’d tell them I have periodic appointments but leave it at that. Not tell them about the condition. If they ask, I’d just say it doesn’t interfere with work.


What do you do if you have a episode at work and ppl notice?


Why did you loose two jobs because of your sz?


The first one I was hallucinating a lot and had a violent episode towards a co worker and the second one I was letting the voices bother me I was caught several times talking to myself. Eventually my boss asked questions. I started drinking more than usual because of it. So my boss let me go.


Are you able to work?


I also recently got fired. I don’t even know where I’d want to work. Being trapped with co workers five days a week for 8 hours a day is really hard on my psyche. I don’t know where to start. I guess i could go back to my old job but I can’t really see myself having a good time there. Idk. If i keep getting fired from places however its probably a good sign I’m not cut out for the whole 9-5 business. My illness is developing which is making it harder for me to even contemplate working.


How long have you been medicated?


Yes I got cleared to work a year ago


Same! I don’t know where to start or if I even want to deal with it but I really needed financially


About 2 years now


If you are having these episodes, have you talked to your pdoc about adjusting your meds?


Yea thats the catch 22. We need work for money but we suffer mentally from it. If we don’t work we don’t make money or at least the amount of money we would like to see.


Yes we finally found the right dose and the right meds. But haven’t been taught the right skills to a social life.


I just told my husband the same thing. If it weren’t for him, I’d be in the same boat. I was lucky enough to have him support me long enough for me to be able to get on disability.

@Longhorn21 Is there a possibility that you could get on disability if you are in the US?