Is it ok to be asked in an interview what meds I take and how many sick days I’ve had?

it really made me angry… My CPN said I need to be honest and add my illness to my CV.

I explained to her that in my last interview I was asked what meds I take and how many sick days I’ve had because I revealed my illness at interview stage. This was bloody uncomfortable. The CPN says they can ask anything at an interview. And it’s good to tell them. If I said I was off sick 3 months who in their right mind will hire me. Err

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Add your illness to your CV?? ish, is it an achievement because you’ve overcome your illness or are you still struggling?

I think health is completely private and should never be discussed at work :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Unless you are finding a job through disability?


If you are careful with how you describe your illness, I think you can pull it off. Describe it as part of your ongoing personal development to manage the bpd. It can be an advantage perhaps depending on your career choice?

I refuse to add to my cv. I never knew I should … i thik it would hinder my chance. I don’t know what the CPN is on about

Really? All The Times I have worked I’ve had to mention it because I can’t go on sick without reason. And they need to know.

But have never mentioned on CV. I don’t know what the lady is talking about she needs a sack

Yeah, I have never added it to mine. I would feel uncomfortable if they asked me to explain how I coped with it. If it was a panel interview - very scary.

:flushed: I have never heard of this. Maybe UK? :flushed:

I have never once mentioned at work I am ill. They have no clue. They would not hire me.
I do not put on CV, my age, marital status, any illness, nationality or place of birth or anything really.

Only job related information + full name + email and telephone :thinking: And during interview, I do not even say anything private at all. Only job related and my capabilities.

You have to really be well at acting. You should not even say how much money you want to make etc. It is crazy. If they ask ’ how much are you looking as a salary’ I mention my old salary + 5K and say looking in that range.


No I can mention I have a disability without disclosing. That way they have to make adjustments for me at the interview. Say I need extra time to answer or if I have a wheelchair they know in advance so they can accommodate. No one can legally discriminate but reality is it does happen.

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Plus if I want a job In the public sector in customer service or anywhere where patient contact or children are involved I’ve had to go through police checks.

I agree with this, that sounds like basis for discrimination.


Police checks require all info including age where I live proof of address and nationality

yeah they do check credit score I think here? :thinking: with social security :thinking:
My therapist once said, I could find a job through a specific company which helps disabled people work. I took the brochure. I would LOVE to work I am just so worried.


Not credit score. They need to make sure I have no criminal record.

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yeah and I don’t know who once told me they check credit history too ? :thinking:

Yeah my job is going to be with children and they did a background check on me and told me specifically it was just looking for any past crimes committed and my credit score. (Though what my credit score would have to do with me being a good swim teacher eludes me :sweat_smile:)

If you were doing something like military that’s where they’re going to do serious digging and you won’t be able to hide things like disability, but otherwise jobs should not be prying or asking about that.


Not really … not with jobs. It’s not relevant. Just criminal records. Because I’ve worked in hospitals. They need to trust I’m not a criminal. I mean what if I’m a peadophile ? Teachers go through these tests too. Safety of people is important.

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I mention it to employers so I can get helped. They can help reduce hours or workload. I don’t mention for other reason.

If you do mention it then you have to be prepared for discrimination. In a perfect world it wouldn’t exist but in reality they don’t want to hire anyone they’re going to have to provide any extra resources for/someone who they don’t think can shoulder their fair share of work.