So I said yes

WEnt on this interview last week and they made you sign a paper they can check your credit (which fo rme is improving). Sign for a back ground check… But then there was this paper asking you if you have or have had a disability and examples of what one is were listed and you could say either yes, no or prefer not to answer. I said yes, usually I say the last thing on questions like that , first time i ever said yes. What do you say to that question? Anyhow not sure why but didn’t get that job but went on another interview today. Not sure why I said yes even.


I think you can get your employer tax breaks for hiring disabled persons. You might mention that, if there is a place for it and you choose to admit you have a disability.

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When’s the wedding?


Some employers are worried about having to
pay for any disability ( paid leave, etc ) or missing days of work.
Good luck on your next interview.
I would just prefer not to answer…

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I think you did the right thing. I don’t lie on contracts etc that I have a disability. don’t fret. it will probably help you them knowing you have a disability.

on driving licenses in australia…it is optional to say yes or no to the mental illness section whether you suffer from it…!?!
take care from the :alien:

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Is it even legal to ask that in the job interview process? I don’t know. Seems like it could just lead to discrimination, which is definitely not legal.

Sorry, you didn’t get the job. Good luck with the next!


I think they can ask if you have a disability, if it will interfere with the job. like say you have back injury and you can’t stand or lift, then it may disqualify you from being hired from being a furniture mover. And as someone said above, they may get a tax break for hiring you. But its all up to you if you want to disclose to them if you are disabled but you don’t have to tell them its sz.

I will usually disclose my mental health symptoms only if I need accommodations - disclosing your illness is not mandatory - but if you need accommodations to help you cope with your job, I would tell the employer AFTER the interview/application process - this is what I did

I used to have a full-time school bus route before I moved. I am a spare bus driver now, mainly because I wanted my sunrises and sunsets back (driving bus is murder on photography). I was up front about my condition with the school division. I feel that if you are carrying around other peoples’ kids, the employer has a right to know. They were familiar with me already as a parent and the level I function at. I also passed my driver’s license physical in that department because of my high level of stability, and also high level of insight into my symptoms. Do I advertise this to every parent of every kid I drive? No. But it was not a problem with my employer – they hired me despite my sharing that information.

As did three previous employers.

At the end of the day you’re either someone who brings value to what you do or you aren’t. The other labels don’t matter.


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I agree with the first statement, but respectfully not the last. When someone doesn’t know me first, and I disclose my diagnosis to them, I feel that the label is what I become to them (until and if they get to know me or employee me). Some people are ok with this label, but often stigma’s are attached, mainly from lack of knowledge or ignorance. But if you have the opportunity to prove you bring value, then I agree, the labels don’t matter.

I think outside variables can effect that idea…Let God judge you.

What outside variables do you have in mind?

I was responding to desimb…Outside variables meaning social acceptance, response, and awareness of the illness. It’s not favorable. I commend standing ground and the honesty, but you can’t deny the majority of society has a biased idea on the subject that is hardly authentic.

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I was just curious, thanks for clarifying. I don’t disclose my illness usually, until it becomes a major issue and I have to.

I keep it at bay w/most I encounter, and I’ve shared on this forum more than I ever have. It’s an amazing forum I hope to help others through, even if everyone knows I’m a little crazy :wink:

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I always struggled with this when I was job searching and most cases I saw a box that asked if you were disabled, yes, no or other…I’d usually mark other and say I’d explain in an interv

I found a website: talks about considering the benefits or risks of disclosing this information to an employer.

  • If you need accommodations, you are entitled to them to help you
  • Disclosure before serious problems arise that affect your work
    may build trust with employers, and
  • You may need to explain gaps in
    your resume unless you have other reasons you can list.

Some of the biggest risks in telling your future employer of course are being discriminated against and even if you got the job it may limit the opportunities for advancement. In the United States I think it’s illegal to not hire someone simply because of a mental illness…however many companies are worried about their own security, like when you read about a disgruntle employee with a mental illness coming into work with a loaded gun and knifes…

I my self would say not to mention anything at least until the interview part of the process. (Since I rarely got interviews I rarely had to admit to my disorder). Explain you have all the required skills and knowledge to handle the job but I have sometimes run into functional issues with my illness, or you could say sometimes you may see (symptoms/behaviors) and possibly list actions the employer can take to help you through an episode like contacting your doctor or family member.

That’s what I thought. But then I think - Desimb is creative.

I heard 20 or 30 years ago that employers weren’t allowed to ask (if you’ve had a mental illness) by law. Maybe that’s changed. If they look at you - they can pretty well see if you have a physical disability.

No, they can’t. Maybe, get an idea after conversing w/you. The law has changed, but you still have the option to not answer. I camouflage my SZ very well through vanity, and “Nobody knows it but me”…and everyone else :wink: