So going to change my caffeine intake

Coffee only in the mornings. Tea the rest of the time


@anon21849028 are you from the island of Ireland? If so what tea is popular there?

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Oh sorry. Not sure why I thought you were Irish lol. Maybe it’s your profile pick

I have cut out caffeine almost completely. I used to drink soda, but now I drink fruit smoothies if I want something besides water.

I am glad you are happy with your new arrangement. I hope it works out well for you. Sleep is so nice!


I went without coffee for months but back on it. Didn’t notice any difference whether I had it or not so these days in the mornings I’ll drink coffee. Usually 1 to 2 cups a day or a regular latte when out. During the day I might have one or two cups of tea.

It’s not bad experimenting with things. I’m on a kick where I’m getting out of bed at 4 am. Need some coffee to get through that madness! :slight_smile:

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Well last time I tried coffee years ago, I became paranoid. Since then i did not touch coffee

I might try again and see if I can tolerate it now. Caffeine is stimulant which has chances of increasing postivie symptoms in some people.

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I have heard that coffee is actually good for you if you regulate your intake. Reduces your chance of getting diabetes and all sorts.

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I don’t find that caffeine really affects me all that much. If i drink coffee too late in the day it makes it hard to fall asleep. Other than that, i’m okay with it. Hope your new regimen works out for you @anon94176359.

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I can drink coffee from morning till around 12 o’clock sometimes 13 o’clock and I can go to sleep. If I drink it later than that I can’t sleep the whole night. I don’t drink much coffee, and I’m not drinking every day. Sometimes months without.

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