Not drinking coffee works

I sleep much better than earlier, I stopped drinking coffee and any caffeine drinks and I sleep 9-12 hours a night. Of course, my evening meds help me a lot. Stop coffee!


Stopping caffeine intake at around 4pm is recommended in most of the sleep hygiene information… So you can still have your cake and eat it too :coffee:

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I switched coffee to tea with little honey, this helps me a lot.

i drink 3 cups of strong coffee every morning

In the past I was a real caffeine addict, I drank three cups in the morning, during the day and then in the afternoon (at least nine cups), I am glad I stopped this addiction, of course, caffeine may help a person to think, but I try to manage without any caffeine.

I used to drink 12 fresh coffees a day without any problems. now i can’t drink more than one or two and even then i get a bad headache… i think tea is a much better drink… but i can drink 12 cups of that too if i get bad with that…

i agree i stopped caffeine completely at one point for a while i was much happier… but i got bored of the herbal teas at the time… they have much better herbal teas now… i think it could be worth trying again but if i stay sensible with tea and don’t have coffee i’m usually not too bad

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I’m not a great coffee drinker I drink tea more
However when go out I often have a cappuccino one shot
I love coffee and tea but not excessively
U have to have some joy