So feelings as a result of war in the world?

I used to come here in the late 1990s when I was first diagnosed with sz.
I had a nervous breakdown in 1997.
I have been out of hospital since 2005 but lately, things are tough but as a sz person in this current world politics, I find the wars in the world have really affected me!
How do others feel?


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thought i would say hi.
as to the question it does not bother me.
take care

I feel our government uses fear through media warfare to scare the populations of their own countries. It seems very frustrating to me that after all these veterans have gone there and are seeing all the progress they ever made destroyed…it just doesn’t seem right to me.


There are definitely too many wars. How to prevent them I don’t know.

I deployed to Afghanistan in 2003, and did the meaningful work on the border of Pakistan at Shkin, Afghanistan. I think that we have lost every edge we had when we got pimped into these wars. (Yes I believe they’re pimping kids into unjustifiable wars), I want it to stop truthfully. ISIS has really taken over Iraq, and lord only knows what’s going to happen next. As a person who was involved in the war effort I just can’t believe that we’ve been fighting since 2001 and have LOST so much ground and advantages. A lot of vets are probably pissed and may end up having to go back and do it all over again…ain’t that some mess??

2.3 trillion in 2001…that’s a lot of money missing…

Well, The war(s) have very much affected me so much so that sometimes, I feel in great Fear indeed and other times my sz helps me to feel Great Pain indeed from Mother Earth! I feel Sad that it is happening.!

Thank you for your service. It always seems that the few bear the brunt of the cost for the many.

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