No I'm scared

Im scared with everything going wrong in this world right now. Between war, terrorist both foreign and domestic my mother in law keeps saying it’s the apocalypse. I just worry something will happen to someone I care about. I wish I was stronger.


You’re not the only one @cbbrown.
But there’s been times in the past I’ve felt the same way.
And this big old universe of ours keeps moving on. :thinking:


I think of past wars and conflicts and I wonder if people felt the same way back then


hi @cbbrown

Personally, I think you’re in paranoia right now. I may be wrong but that’s my practical opinion.

I live in a prosperous, western society where things are pretty stable & good for me right now. Yes, I have SZ and BPD and that sucks and messes with my perception at any given moment. But my logical mind tells me that I’m safe and stable. My mind is not stable, my emotions are not but society is.

Half my country is on fire right now. Bushfires, climate change…Emergency & military services are doing what they can to help people, live stock & wild life. Down south, the air in my house smells of burnt tragedy & death not because of my sz but because of the reality that half the country is burning due to bushfire brought on by human-induced climate change.

I choose to only watch the news if it motivates me to take effective action - that action may be I donate $2 to an emergency fundraising fund, maybe I lobby a local MP for action on climate change, maybe I water my plants that are locally endangered species that will be planted in a conservation, habitat reserve come autumn.

I’m safe in the knowledge that I’m thinking globally (global environmental disasters), acting locally. I can only suggest that you act locally and effectively. I have SZ and BPD, it doesn’t stop me for a moment in being effective.


I keep the faith that if I do my job, the leaders will do theirs.

It bothers me too. But I’m having trouble saying what about it scares me because it’s too political. But I’m definitely feeling like you

Yeah I used to get those feelings but I started to view paying attention to news and politics as a hobby. It improves my mood greatly. Sure I might not be in the know or ready for the mythical apocalypse but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make in order to enjoy my life more. Controversial, I know. Some call it apathy but I genuinely believe politics is a hobby and not a healthy one. Better off playing bridge or DND or basketball or video games. Imo.

i cant claim i know our outcome… I try to offer caring today… Im Wishing us all kindness. Art is a good hopeful resource :slight_smile:

Today isnt as scary. But I keep thinking about terrible things happening

my koalas are dying !! my kangaroos are dying !! I am so upset…

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Yea this world seems to have so much potential for catastrophe…

It’s defo concerning and doesn’t help peace of mind.

I try to keep faith in people.

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I ignore the negativity. My church is doing a fast and I think I’m going to half-seriously fast from negativity. Ww3 hopefully won’t happen and there’s no sense worrying about it. So we’re deploying troops? Good the Middle East needs the support.

Killing will always be wrong. I will always be against war. Don’t worry about the wrongdoing in the world. It’s all dark side incentives. Be kind, do right as my workplace would say.

Me too I am scared, I don’t understand it, I am worrying a lot these days I don’t think anything will happen to the ones I love I think they are pretty safe I pray for a safe day today, I am afraid of being shot or someone doing something to my car. I don’t want to be hated but loved.

It’s the apocalypse
The four horsemen is loose
Everyone run and hide
in your mind!!!

I read a couple years ago nobody can hit us yet

But may have advanced over the years they said it would take 3 years.

Though I’m a target I hope I’m not a geographical target.

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