I know I am quite open here,
but in real life… I have very small percentage of people with whom I can talk about his.
Almost zero.

I am bisexual, for sure. I never tried a relationship with girl, but I just know this.
I tried several times to create a relationship with girl, but it’s way harder, than with men. They just ghosted me before relationship started :smiley: so yeah.
I am quite scared. My family would never accept it. God, swear, I know they simply hate everything about LGBT.

I was crazy about men more times, but there is still lots of space left for women… I liked women, enjoyed being with them and etc.
Sometimes, because in my country it’s stil a “taboo”, I feel quite abnormal. At least, not very normal.

As a teen, as a child I was totally disgusted by myself because I liked girls. I thought non stop, that either my body is lying or I am simply imagining things. Once I even thought I am lesbian… overal not once. It changed. Sometimes I thought I am hetero, then homo, and only at age ~19 I fully understood. it’s bisexuality.

If someone would like to message me about this topic, or just discuss here… I would be really happy. I never openly discussed it with anyone for more than 5-10 minutes.


There’s absolutely nothing morally wrong with being bisexual or having relationships with your same gender.

Just remember to practice safe and consenting sex.

I’ve read that sexuality is a fluid thing for most people. For example you can feel a strong attraction to the same sex at a young age, then later in life have more bi-tendencies.


I know it’s nothing morally wrong… just in my country many many people don’t accept such relationships.
I believe the worst part is, the ones who deny that gay/lesbian or bisexual exist, or hate them, are probably hiding something too (it’s my opinion, not a fact)
yeah, sure. Safe sex is indeed important :slight_smile:
And I also read about fluidity. :slight_smile:


I’m bisexual, but I’m in a committed, monogamous marriage. In the past, though, I have dated cis men, cis women, and a trans woman. I guess I fit the label of pansexual, but I prefer the bisexual label better.

I hope you get the chance to be your true self, openly, someday. Date whoever you want.

My dad was pretty accepting when I came out to my parents, at age 17. But some extended family (aunts and uncles) were extremely cruel and cold. Said awful things to me.

But, unfortunately, in this day and age, we just have to deal with the reality that many people are still very close minded about sexual identities and gender identities. I’m not saying that’s ok, just saying that that’s the world we live in.

I hope that, someday, people, like you, won’t have to worry about how their loved ones will react to them not being straight or cis gender. This forum is pretty open and accepting of such things, so don’t be afraid to open up about it here.


I also hope that one day I could freely express myself in every way. Literally, in every way, because I am still searching my own true self…
Thanks for this answer @Blossom , it feels great to feel accepted. :slight_smile:
And it’s sad that there are still many people who have myths in their heads about LGBT.
In my opinion, being bisexual or homosexual is just as natural as being heterosexual… like it happens even between animals.
I need to mention, that I dislike church because of their view to LGBT. And not only because of that, but it’s… different topic.
Thank you for being warm. :slight_smile:


@BringMeCoffee, I am an older woman and I have been bisexual all my life. I’ve been aware of it since I was four years old. I came out to my husband when I was 20 years old.

Before I was 26 I leaned more towards men. But after that age, I preferred women up to this day. Although these days, under the influence of AP’s, I’m more asexual than not.

In my young years, I always met women in lesbian bars and clubs and had no trouble. I suppose thats rather out of fashion nowadays and now they use dating sites and apps.

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If you meet the right person, despite their biological sex and fall in love.

That is more important than anything else. It is worth fighting for and defending because that love forms a bond and creates a family.

I am in a same-sex relationship, despite society and family disapproval.

Eventually those who love you will be happy for you because they love you.

It’s your life.


Probably in my country there are 0 lesbian clubs :confused:

Thanks for your story @SkinnyMe

And about those apps… I love meeting people in real life. It’s not always successful but more safe and interesting. Of course there is possibility one day I will create an app

It’s so nice to meet people who went or are going through similar things. Glad you’re open about this!


Very wise answer… I feel it with whole heart, that there are more important things than what’s between legs.

And yeah, living for myself not for society or family is better.

Like I said I am indeed in period of my life where I search for myself. Not only sexually - I try to understand myself in every way. And every day I become closer to myself… :wink:

Thanks for your answer :pray:

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@BringMeCoffee, Creating a dating app in Lithuania sounds like a wonderful business idea!! You’re filling a need and any time you fill a need, its a winner. Just make sure you cater to straights as well as gays cause thats where the money is!