Coming Out (LGBTQ friendly)

I have never admitted to being a lesbian. I’ve been in the closet my entire life. All my friends were open about their sexuality, I just pretended I was straight. Its occurred to me why Im always around LGBTQ friendly people. Because Im not just an ally who likes rainbows…and thats ok. I think having enough shame and stigma of having a mental illness was enough to close me off. How do I know? I am not attracted to men, I dont understand men, men are a foreign concept to me. Even the most attractive man in the world, someone I loved, I still wouldn’t want to have sex with him.

It just confuses me a lot that Im friends with guys and they treat me like Im a guy, and then I love women and yet they get jealous when a woman likes me more than them. Its crazy…and hard to deal with. As a young girl, I felt more like a young boy, I had to pretend to be like other girls…and then I was like a normal girl too. But I dont like the idea of being bisexual. I found out my aunt had boyfriends before she married and she has never talked about ever being with a man. She’s happy now. Maybe Im just falling for the wrong types of guys? Or maybe I just want something else…I dont want to be married. I dont want a family. I’m pretty sure I dont want a man at all.

thats my rant for the day


honest post.
read it.
yeah, men are all hell. ha.
you should have seen how Phil treated me today.
unprovoked and not good.

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oh no, what happened? You can Private Message me if you’d like to.

it’s okay, hun. he didn’t hit me or anything,
basically verbal abuse.

I’m glad you’re taking steps to being yourself. You should love who you love, and be who you are.


So often asexual people become gay when grow up. Maybe there’s another category: SZ and SZA?

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Glad you made it OUT.

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