So a treadmill arrived today

I wanted to be able to exercise safely, I am so unsteady on my feet and easily fall or twist my ankles while walking outside, this also counts for exercise classes because im so weak afterwards and have iniured myself on the way home. So my mum asked what I wanted to do and that is walk, I used to walk so much it was my escape, I live surrounded by hills and fields and I want to get back out there,before I became unwell I went backpacking with my dad twice a year and I miss being miles from anywhere with a tent. so maybe one day I will get back there, I also think I may run to let off steam, I get very angry at times because I won’t let myself let the emotions out it is entirely subconscious I physically can’t let go and it builds and I just shut down. I think running may be a quick burst which prevents the build up. So mum and me saved up and we now have a treadmill in our front room and I am really looking forward to using it. I can fall and I’ll be at home so even if I do hurt myself I’m not five miles away. I have put a photo of my great uncle up where Ill be facing, he was a judo champion and really fit, I was really close to him as a child, part of his estate has helped pay for my acupuncture training because he went from being a decorator to a shiatsu masseur midway through his life, he’d really support that but not my weight and lack of exercise, mum says he would be really proud and a motivator to me because im trying to change.

Do you guys like exercise? What do you do?


I have a treadmill at home too. I’d suggest you start slow and moderately improve on speed, distance & time as the days & weeks pass. Start with 10 minutes, then 15 minutes. then all the way up to 30 minutes. Don’t walk/run more than 30 minutes a day since you are a beginner. Also, write down the walk/run summary of the exercise every time you do it so that you can compare historical records.


That’s very helpful thank you, I have to start small but I look forward to the long work out eventually!


I’d say that if you walk 5 days a week for a month, you’ll definitely feel better and be more fit.

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@anon35453467 you seem well recovered from SZ because you get social, do exercise regularly. Can you read a book for long? What meds are you on and for how long you’ve been on the same meds?


@green5 I do exercise daily to maintain my health & strength. I’m on a 400mg injection of Abilify (Aripriprozal) every 4 weeks for more than a year but have been on Olanzapine & Clopixol before. I’m currently trying to read this book. It just came out in November last year.


I’m surprised about what book you are reading. The people around me tend to ignore this book. Actually nobody cares about this kind of politics. They don’t talk about it as nothing happended. Only those who work for the politics buy it and read it.

However I think this book is worth attention and reading.


What book is it? I’m intrigued!


Here’s the English language version of the book.


Congrats on the treadmill! I also have mobility issues and am about to start walking, eventually (if I’m lucky) running, on a treadmill! We move this weekend to a complex with a fitness center. So not quite as convenient as you, but close.

Walking & running to go along with your new digital scale. :slightly_smiling_face:

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treadmills are great. most of my exercise is walking. I think I’m going to start lifting weights also…that’s pretty much it…if you walk long enough distances you can lose weight…I was down to 120lbs just walking 10 or so miles a day,

i prefer to explore the city on foot but when that’s not an option a treadmill with the tv/music playing seems like the next best thing

A combination of cardio exercise & strength training is the best way to keep your body healthy.

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With any luck!!!

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yeah I feel like my t levels have dropped…I need to start lifting again

the natural bodybuilding will give me a hobby something to do, and should improve my looks

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Thank you, looks fascinating I’d be interested to hear if you think it is worth reading? I am interested though, I’m training as a traditional Chinese acupuncturist and try to look into different aspects of the countries culture

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Sounds like you will have a good opportunity to build up strength too! I hope it works out for you, Im really looking forward to getting fitter, start off slow and build up, I can only walk about ten minutes in a go right now so will be aiming to build up from there! Will keep fingers crossed for you, we can do it!

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sounds good! I was put down to do weight lifting for strength but I just couldn’t see a little (I’m 4ft 10) fat girl like me doing it, and I had a really bad experience with an army personal trainer four years ago that put me off it! Good luck, I hope you get to do what you want! I have a load of philosophy talks I think I will listen to while doing it have had the CDs ages just haven’t listened maybe this is prime opportunity!

As @green5 has said, if you are interested in politics then it will be worth reading but most people will ignore the book.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is practiced by other East Asian countries such as Vietnam or South Korea. It doesn’t take that much effort to learn TCM unlike a Medical Doctorate in Western countries that require both an undergraduate & graduate degree.

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