Tread mill

I plan on buying a treadmill this weekend.

Sometimes they don’t kinda let me go out n I want to go out anyway but am not in my body so can’t fix it as I would like other times if I go anyway I might get attacked like I did at dance .

I thought if one can exercise at apartment days one doesn’t go out it can be good.

How many of youz have/use a treadmill?

Of course, a lot of people buy treadmills and then abandon them. Same for other exercise equipment. Therefore, used ones are available at a fraction of the cost.

My gal used a treadmill for a couple years. She was really into it. But then she just stopped one day. I was glad when eventually someone came and took it away.


I would love to have my own treadmill! :wink:

Got a treadmill in the house. Hardly ever use it :(.

Most people never use them, I would look for a used on probably can get it hardly used and at a much cheaper price

I have a treadmill. My mum gave it to me because she moved to a place where she can walk outside without fear of being hit by a car on a country road.

I use it most mornings.

You should buy a second hand treadmill. Save yourself some money.

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Good on ya and good for you that you use your treadmill so often and get so much exercise.

That was pretty consistent treadmilling for few years…

I used to treadmill in an apartment where i lived a few months they had a gym and i used to go on treadmill and i had mp3 player back then.
I could get a kick n sweat from it.
I also used to jog on beach back then and lift weights.

I have found one second hand treadmill for $300 including transport/delivery i think.
I can not carry it by myself nor do i have anyone i can ask to help me carry so these guys offered to drop it off over the weekend if all goes as planned.

One can probably find people giving them away if one looks hard enough or willing to drive to pick it up.

I rather walk outside but as situation is as is it could be good to have alternatives for when one is in apaprtment only.

we have one, but then my hips crapped out and now, after hip replacements, I can’t do it anymore. HOWEVER I bought a second hand recumbent bike that I rode a lot…It’s good for any fitness level and you can get a great workout

I walk back and forth in my room for thirty minutes or an hour when I am wanting exercise. A treadmill might be better, but I can’t afford one.

I got a treadmill 2nd hand. I’ve used a few times. Hoping to use it more when it gets cold outside this winter. Mostly right now the cats like to lay on it in the sunshine.