Snow has fallen already!

There was a very upsetting football game between the arch rivals of the state, and to top it off we got six inches of snow…and it isn’t even Halloween yet!


Global chillin :smile:


Seems more like chicken little…the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

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Where I am we have not got any snow yet, in fact it was 12 c degrees today, so quite warm, I am looking forward getting some snow, well snow comes when it comes. Where are you @orange ?

Western lower Michigan

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I lived once one year in the Upper Peninsula area of Michigan, Houghton/Hancock, they get a lot of snow there, but it was the perfect place for studying, I had also a chance to learn some new BITNET (then it evolved to the Internet) things there. Remember going to the computer lab in the middle of winter in Saturday evenings and play with computers.

There were a few flurries in my area yesterday. I love seeing the first snow of the year!

its been very mild wethaer wise in Ireland 15c…where abouts are you

We get a lot of Lake effect snow.

My sister went to umich…I saw the end of that game was crazy.

“Oh, Orange must be a Michigan fan,” I thought before I knew where you lived.

Lucky you, that is one drop dead gorgeous part of the country.

I graduated with my doctorate from there, so yes, I’m a little partial.

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