Another snow storm today

Honestly !!! But it supposed to get up to 36 tomorrow and 40 on Wednesday. So, I’m getting by by saying “It will be better tomorrow.” I can last that long.

40/36 degrees you are lucky
you are probably out in you bikini.

ah well…

That’s only the promise for tomorrow and the next day. Let’s hope the weatherman is correct. !!!

where do you live?

and do you want too adopt me?

southwest lower peninsula of Michigan. Where are you from?

im from holland, the country with the clogs and the stolen tulips and potatoes
its near belgium, and germany. yet we aren`t on the world map

Do you have nightmares of being swallowed up by the ocean?

no srry, is that an must for being adopted

You have a damn good reason to be adopted.
By the way, the degrees I gave are F, not C.

brrr, i will stay here srry

It’s hot outside here

Id be jealous but I’m learning to adapt. It’s easier since there is no place I have to go like a job.

Yeah, it was so nice outside here that I had both front windows open all day today. Smells soooo good in my house. Yay Northern CA !!
Politics stink, but the weather is great!

Here in New York we had snow on Saturday, and it’s supposed to go up to 40 by tomorrow. It was 28 today and I felt like I could go outside without a jacket. These temperatures need to stop changing 30 degrees overnight, it’s driving me up a wall. I hate unpredictability!

We’re supposed to get another 10cm overnight here in Southern Ontario. I’m ready for Spring already, I’ve got so many outdoor chores to take care of it’s bonkers.