First snowfall!

Our dog and our 1920’s gangster are excited too!


Nice…you’re in the Midwest??? No snow yet here in New England. None in the 10 day forecast either

No. I live in Upstate NY in one of the snowiest cities in the world. Gotta love that lake effect.

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Utica??? Maybe you told me that or maybe my psychic intuition is working. Or maybe you don’t live in Utica… It’s ok you don’t have to say. I did see it snowed in buffalo. No you live in Rochester!

Regardless, We’re currently in the same state…but like 5-6 hours away lol

So cool, I wish we had snow in Lisbon :crying_cat_face:

Have you ever??? Is it like Florida weather there?

In my entire life living here, it snowed for five minutes on a really cold winter like 10 years ago.

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My moms friend owns a house in Portugal. all of a sudden all these Portugal references in my life…I’m probably only noticing them now…

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Haha not quite. Close though!

One of my old students is living at a residential school in Utica. It is really nice there. Are you by the lake? I live on a lake too. It is really nice in the summer.

I live in Norwalk , ct right on the Long Island sound but work in ardsley New York (small village right next to Yonkers). I’m there now so we’re in the same state but like 400 miles away probably :confused: :wink:

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