Smoking less now

I’m smoking 1 cigarette every 2 hours now instead of smoking 1 every hour. Anybody else cutting back on smoking?


My husband is addicted and trying now to smoke less. He used to smoke about 18 a day but now I am encouraging him to smoke 10 a day. He is trying to drop it to 8. I told him to use the e-cigarette inbetween the allocated smoke breaks, to help the addiction. We will see how it goes…

I was down to two a day, but now I’m back up to three a day. When July is over, I’m going to try and quit again. But I’m more of a taper person

I’m cutting back smoking. Its been a lot harder sense I quit last time. But I usually only have three or four cigarettes a day. I usually have a lot less if I don’t wake up and have one right away.
Good luck cutting back.

I’m trying to quit by using e-cigs. I went back to smoking though over the last two weeks. Hoping to get back on the wagon today.

I’m trying to quit again. I have nicorette lozenges and the spray mist and the e-cig a nicotine free version. I have had one smoke since May 30th. So far so good.

Excellent to all of you!!

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