i smoke 25 30 a day…do u smoke.

I stopped drinking nine years ago and I stopped smoking in May 2007.

No smoking for me. Think I smoked one entire pack in my life, and that was because I likes to watch the castle on the cigarette burn. Pack was under a dollar.
Couldn’t afford them anyway. What are they now, over $5 a pack?

I smoke about 20 to 25 too, I don’t like my mind state when smoking, I stop smoking while taking bupropion but I cant bear It’s side effects( sth like negative symptoms of sz). Do yo take smoke deeply in your lungs? I try to not do so but it’s hard to do, if do so my trachea aches in mornings.

I smoke a pack a day…was up to two packs but trying to afford them so I only smoke 1, sometimes 2 an hour…I am going to try and give them up on Saturday. I have the “patch” for a anti smoking aid…I really would rather have the health benefits + the money quitting smoking…

I smoke a pack and a half–30 cigarettes–a day. I want to quit smoking sometime, but not just right now. They’re good for stress and supposedly perk up your brain. I need all the help I can get.

A half pack, a pack, back to a half pack, down to 2 a day, back up to a half pack, down to 10,

Now I’m down to 4 a day again.

Next week 3

Never smoked a single cigarette in my life.

I smoke em here and there, if I buy a whole pack, I’ll smoke a whole pack.
Otherwise I just bum one or two off my mom a day.

yeah I smoke at least half a pack. Sometimes 15 cigs a day. usually one every hour or hour and a half.

10 a day, i quitted last year for four months with patch, after i completed step 3rd. I start going into depression, i couldn’t handle the depression so i am back on. I am SZA. I think its much difficult for SZA to quit, next time i try i will reduce slowly within 6 months than quit.

I smoke 3 cigarillos per day. Only costs me a dollar.

i smoke about 20 a day. mostly in the mornings and evenings. when i’m busy i tend to smoke less…when bored i smoke a lot. will try and quit again this year. i’ll b buying my last batch of 20 pouches in february then i’m going to try and quit once i’ve finished them. last time i quit for 9 days and put on half a stone. i don’t want to do that this time. so i’ll have to watch what i eat. last time it was alcohol that caught me out. i went for a drink and once pissed decided i needed a cigarette…so stupid! looking back if i’d have stuck with it i’d have been a non smoker for over a year. not too worried though as i had my arteries checked last year and they’re clear and had a chest xray and that was clear so my lungs r ok too. so i’ll quit sometime this year i think. xxx

i use 4-5 pouches of swedish snus during the day.

then at night i smoke and drink a few beers. usually have a cig first thing in the morning though. i roll my own and they tend to be on the small side.