How's the no smoking going?

There were a few fellow members on the forum who were giving up smoking and working towards being smoke free…

How’s it going for everyone?


For me, not well. I’m now on ecigs plus inset filtered camel white’s. Some days though, I can go an entire day without any beer or smokes. If the beer goes, then automatically the smokes go. I post often about my addictions on this site, and I appreciate your asking about something that seems so simple to outsiders, but is hell to the addicted.


day two. got some money to buy some but I finally decided I don’t want to hurt my lungs anymore. I smoke until I gag. slow down…keep on smoking, nope, no more. I’m now a non smoker and I love it.


Great, haven’t had a cigarette in more than 3 weeks. :smile:


I’ve been on ecigs for well over 6 months. I use an advanced set up, not a beginner ecig. Haven’t smoked a real cig in that time.


one in the morning, then none.

it sucks.


Mouse that interferes with your performance as an athlete.

You used to be a 2 pack day guy??? (am I remembering that right?)

Now your down to one a day? very cool…

To all who are quitting… good luck and keep the strength…

I hope others who are trying to quit are doing well too…


this is day three and I feel great. the only thing really that I’m focusing on is that I don’t want to hurt my lungs and body anymore. seems really easy this time?


I haven’t quit yet, but I reduced. I used to smoke 15 a day, now I’m smoking 5 to 7 a day… not too bad


That is great… it’s hard to taper. That’s how I had to do it. It takes longer… but it also helped me get used to finding other ways to cope.

Good luck.


Thank you! I’ll be able to quit, I’m sure

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Going good, I do not know why I started that stupid smoking habit, but I think that being around some people who smoked had something to do with it, when I came back to my country over 13 years ago I did not smoke at all, but being around some people may have contributed to picking up the smoking habit, I am glad I stopped.

Well I stopped a different kind of smoking that is going quite well except for last night :expressionless:

I know there may be a form of marijuana out there that could potential helped certain side effects of SZ. I noticed they only temporarily help :confused:

Smoke 2 Packs a day (sometimes more)…

pretty ■■■■ just started up again after 7-8 months.
smoking semi heavily about 10-15 rollies a day with coffees
still vaping inside while grinding poker though so the house doesn’t stink

I’m on an ecig. I have slipped up here and there and bought some real cigarettes mainly out of boredom. I’d like to give up the ecig as well but now is not the right time.

That’s how I felt, but I couldn’t ditch it.
I remember using the ecig for a while and getting rid of nicotine so it was nic free for about 3 weeks until I finally gave in I think that’s why I went back to smoking again.
Maybe you need to ween of the smokes, what I mean is. If you use an ecig lower the nic levels every time until you are pretty much vaping 1mg nic in a 2ml tank so it’s like you’re completely nic free and than lower your intake so instead of chain vaping just drop down to maybe vape for an hour a day so every 15 mins half a few puffs or so.

Vape for me. Its been working much better then cigs. Even the ny cut blue naturals are terrible for you. Never will go back to cigs

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