Smoking at Work

Hi, I am a heavy smoker, I work long hours and must remain seated for long hours.
I feel the need to smoke every now and then and don’t want to bring the attention of my manager.

Any advice?

Quit smoking.

I still miss smoking, but I’m pretty sure that lighting up next 16800L of gasoline while filling a tanker would not only get me fired, but the resulting fireball would do a lot of damage.


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Lol, That’s not an option for me, it keeps my mind working, as if it stimulates my thoughts, i think better when i smoke, not advertising for cigarettes just telling you the truth.

The furthest i went was change my cigarettes from Marlboro to Parliament with less tar and nicotine.

Just get some nicotine lozenages or gum?

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You can try switching to Nicotine gum until you decide to quit

I really miss smoking. I quit over 20 years ago and I still have cravings. I also quit booze, weed, and amphetamines and it’s cig cravings I’m left dealing with. Tells you how addictive those sodding things are. Problem is, smoking has ceased to be socially acceptable and smokers are viewed in a dim light at work these days. You’re going to take a hit in your manager’s perceptions if you are always going out for smoke breaks. Not a lot you can do about that other than smoking less or not smoking at work at least.

In the future smokers may become unemployable as the insurance companies who provide benefits do NOT want to cover smokers. I expect this to start happening within five years.

I know some people wear a nicotine patch through the day at work and then light up after. That a possibility?


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