If I work...Should I quit smoking?

I was thinking I should quit smoking if I plan on working because of the smell, the constant smoking breaks, etc. I also go the bathroom a lot because I drink a lot of liquid like soda. I think I need to quit this too. I think it’s best to get things in order before I start looking for part-time work. It would mostly be hourly positions like stocking shelves or something. I don’t know how I’m going to juggle my schedule while helping my grandfather.

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I work and smoke. We get two 15 minutes breaks and a half-hour lunch, and I typically smoke on all of them. No one cares at my work, though. At my last job, it was a strictly non-smoking medical campus, so I just smoked in my car on the way there, then used nicotine gum during the day, until smoking again on the drive home.

Quitting smoking is always a good idea, though.

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Of course you should! Even if you wouldn’t work. :slight_smile: