Brain fog fter not smoking for 7 hours

I’ve been doing well at going without smoking throughout work… But 7 hours after going nicotine free My mind starts falling apart. I think it takes 6 hours to fully absorb nicotine.

Half the time I wind up super stressed. The other half of the time I’m just dead tired. I’ve been sleeping a lot recently.

Mt plan today is to exercise as soon as that brain fog sets in to process the cortisol that leads to stress. It should also produce a dopamine repease which would further curb the need to smoke.

Was wondering if anyone else has ran into this and if they had any viable tactics I could try at pushing the nicotine free state further until my brain starts functioning normally without it.

I’ve already reduced my nicotine consumption by 95% and it seems really easy so far. Even if at that 7 hours interval I smoke to my content and then walk away.

It’s like I’m some kind of whale in a sea of total sobriety that has to go up for some sweet nicotine filled air every so often.

I’m dead set on quiting again here in the next few days, but I gotta ween myself off. 2 days into work and I don’t want the change from unemployed indulgent to employed sober person to be too drastic.

Please advise.

It seems not wise to start those two things at once. There are probably biological or biochemical explanations to support this.

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Taper off with nicotine patches?

Yes pob is right. Starting a new job and quitting smoking will probably cause a lot of stressful and uncomfortable feelings. I quit smoking at a very stressful time, although I was successful with quitting, it did cause me to slip even more into the breakdown I was having. Not saying ur gonna have a breakdown haha but what I mean is that you may feel overwhelmed. maybe take time to get into the swing of things at ur new job and then quit smoking. But regardless, good luck!