Smells that are not there

I usually smell coffee in the morning even when none is made, anyone else? Just for the first few minutes of waking.

I get this also but with other smells like death and stuff.

My gfs great aunt passed…we all smelled very strong perfume…sometimes I smell death rot that’s not there…

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I smell odd smells as well. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just hypersensitive to smells.

The ones I get from time to time are the smell of rolling tobacco and of gas. It can be connected to temporal lobe epilepsy.

i get pine fresh liquid smell most of the time
i dont even like it i never use it
it stinks awful

and i get lavender that mi granny used to use xxx

I smell garbage and rotting smells even when they are not there. Maybe we are just hypersensitive to smells?

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