Unexplained smells

i woke up at 3am and there is this smell and i dont know what it is,

i tried to track it down but i cant seem to locate it, it smells like burning human hair but it cant be that,

i checked everywhere and now i think its in the air outside because its cold tonight maybe but it might just be me or something up my nose :frowning: its really strong, weird.

i often get cigarette smoke or perfume, i figure it’s some ghost hanging around, never worked out who it could be !!
take care

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My head is cross wired and some times a glitch will happen and I’ll smell stuff that isn’t there. Also, if it’s cold, everyone is burning a fire and it’s easy to have a strong smell of smoke with no flame.

I hate it when that happens. I don’t sleep well on those nights as I just keep looking for the fire that isn’t there.

I get strong cigarette smoke with a distinctive odor(cannabis?). I don’t smoke or do dope.
Once my wife and i simultaneously smelt old fashioned perfume,


I used to smell hamburgers and freshly cut grass in the winter in the middle of class. Guess I was tripping out on a super daydream, I could smell summer in the middle of winter while bored in class!

Now my meds keep me from experiencing olfactory hallucinations. I used to sometimes have tactile hallucinations too. Hallucinations can happen in all five senses. People have even tasted things that werent there in reality.

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My brain will smell what it craves sometimes too. When I was finally serious about cutting out the whiskey, I smelled it all the time. My sisters perfume,… I swear smelled like Jameson Irish Whiskey. I used to think she was wearing it to destroy me.

But no, it was just what my brain and body was craving.


I used to smell alcohol too. I smelled vodka in my water bottle sometimes while hitting the gym and tapering off of booze last summer.

Tactiles are the worst. Feeling spiders biting my balls while I was talking to a girl last year was kind of funny now that I look back

That sort of makes sense you know. Your with a girl, you are a guy, a thought crosses your mind and the head circus decided… “Oh really now? Well, I know what part of the body to target”

I’ve been finding my tactile hallucinations are linked to the stress levels too. When I’m anxious about something, the tactile gets a bit nasty. Voodoo pin stabbies and skin bugs.

But when I’m calm I’ve been getting this nice one of just fingers gently running through my hair. It will put me to sleep oddly enough.

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Yeah I instantly figured out that my head circus was being clever and making want to pull down my pants and boxers and pull the spiders off of my scrotum. Good thing I didnt. LOL

Indecent exposure and definitely no chance for a date if I had done that. She concluded our conversation with “I have a boyfriend though” anyways

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Sometimes my son will say he smells marijuana and on occasion alcohol. I thought the marijuana one was being caused by our cigarettes. Having a craving manifest itself as a sense of smell make sense. As always thanx guys for being here as it helps me understand things better.

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Several times at a house I lived at for for 4 years, I would get a sudden overpowering sickening sweet smell of roses. It didn’t help that I was alone every time, and one time while I went looking for the source, which was always in the kitchen area, our super long landline cord (you know, for those born after the '90’s, it’s an old fashioned house phone wired to the wall, nothing cordless about it) so it’s this curling cord from our phone on the wall, about my head high and it’s touching the floor, it starts bouncing way up and down like a spring. I ran out of the house.