Smelling things that aren't there

So far today I have smelt an overwhelming amount of perfume and later, cigarette smoke.
I am alone in my room and none of my family smoke or have put perfume on.

Should I be worried about my sanity?

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Are u delusional man…!!! Jess sup…!!! What are u upto…

Could be an olfactory hallucination, those are pretty rare but do exist. Tell your medical team if it persists. I wouldn’t be too worried, at least you sensed some pleasant smells, not cow dung :smile:

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That’s weird af. I’ve been dealing with that tonight as well. I was sitting outside smoking cigarettes and noticed perfumes lol

Waiting for my nurse appointment!

How are you doing?

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Haha our minds are in sync!

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I dont have much positive symptoms my negative and cognitive symptoms are worse …