Characterizing other symptoms

does anyone have olfactory (smell) symptoms?

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Yes I smell burning quite often and gas. Sometimes I feel like I can smell dead bodies.

So smell hallucinations? I get them sometimes but not a ton i dont think. Theyre harder to reality test

I have smell hallucinations.

My doctor thought I had them but Imm just sensitive because of autism

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Yeah its hard to tell for me. Could be either sometimes

Gas and roll up tobacco sometimes .

i get weird smells sometimes. It comes back regularly and nobody else smells it here.

I once smelt a fire in the underground it was really scary because I really believed there was a fire in the tunnel but no one could smell it.

I’ve been forced to smell feces and vomit a lot, often just as I’m eating a particularly good meal.

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Burning rubber, blood, gasoline. They’re not too common for me but they happen when I feel trapped

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