Smell hallucinations

We all have these auditory and visual hallucinations, but have you had smell hallucinations?

Yep… I’ve smelled smoke when there is no fire or anything burning.

If the smell follows me I know it’s another glitch in the wiring.

Sometimes smell with comes with the visual hallucinations.

I have had smell hallucinations; also. I lived in a third floor apartment and would smell cigarette smoke from the apartment below me; when only drinkers of alcohol lived there-no smokers. I have also smelled things like gas when there is no gas leak and like something is burning in the oven when there is no baking. It can really upset your apartment manager or maintenance when you call them out and nothing is there. They, of course, think you are some “crazy woman.”

I’d smelt a burning or rotten egg smell one time. I’d chalked it up to a migraine. I’d heard that people with a brain AVM get these sorts of things too.

Yes, i smelled thick deep burning as well, it wasn’t like something on the stove though, it was stronger and thicker.

Sulfuric like a volcano.

This was after seeing a grey alien which i learned later was common with that kind of thing.

yep, i used to smell rotting flesh, like a corpse. But that was when I wasn’t medicated. Now I smell pleasant scents, unless having an episode.

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When the voices get really out of hand I smell vomit. It’s a “lovely” smell, not!

Yes. It’s really hard to tell though. It just ends up being a really strong noticeable smell that no one else can smell. I don’t really trust my sense of smell

this is an interesting thread, few years ago when I fist started hearing I wasn’t on medication, I went into a dvd rental shop looking for something to watch as soon as I went in the door I got this really strong smell of rotting fish, it was really gross, I nearly threw up because of the smell, I had to leave the shop straight away.