Does anyone get olfactory hallucinations?

it’s not like a smell, I mean it is, but not a natural, normal smell,
it’s more like your whole head is immersed in this aura of a smell,

and you can’t get rid of it, until someone convinces you it isn’t real.
I get these even on meds, foul smells, but occasional

overwhelming smell of flowers when walking outside in the winter.


I’ve had this before. I could smell something foul and couldn’t get away from it. Happened a few times.

yeah, a normal smell would dissipate, but this is like on you especially when nothing is there that would be real.

Usually I smell cannabis, vomit, ■■■■, food, smoke

do you think you recreating this to an extreme degree, or the illness is, I should say.
Cuz I see nothing to suggest these smells.

I have no idea. how often do you have them?

just occasionally. it can be after right getting outta the shower too,
or no bathroom, no bad food, and definitely no decaying body.

I get those occasionally. Usually it’s something foul like rotten food or vomit, but sometimes it’s baby powder for some reason

I hallucinate gasoline fires sometims

it’s interesting that you said baby powder, cuz I have sprinkled it over chairs I sat in, thinking it would neutralize the smell. never worked. it was overwhelming, and not natural. there was no real smell.

I’ve had them according to my doctor but you don’t believe in it so its ok

Yeah that’s annoying.
One time the smell of vomit was really strong and I drove myself crazy trying to find the source. I KNEW it was most likely a hallucination, but I kept thinking, you know, what if it’s not? What if I’ve got vomit on my clothes and nobody wants to be rude and tell me I stink?

this is hard to believe, what do you mean, your doctor, I’ve never shared this with her. You, and your doctor, okay. ha.

Why is it hard to believe?

Yes, strange but it’s always foul smells, like water from the sewer. Once i smelled something burning, ashes, fire constantly.

I’ll smell gas once in a while.
Although it’s subtle.

Yes, cat pee. It’s awful.

i used to smell broccoli when i was younger. and other odd ones that were very strong but no idea where it would come from. recently i would smell dog poop even if it wasnt there. like theres a dog in the house but no one else can smell this powerful dog poop smell except for me.
I think maybe our mind takes the thought of a smell and makes it into a real one.

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My sister smells garbage and coffee all the time. The neurologist said there was something pressing on the olfactory nerve, but I’m not sure if that is the common denominator

She is not schizophrenic, by the way

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When I was younger and not effectively medicated, I would get olfactory hallucinations all the time. A range of things: foul poison smells (I thought my car was poisoning me), (and that smell followed me everywhere I went), rotten barbecue beef smell, cat pee, and a very foul, and otherworldly smell that was absolutely intolerable.