smell hallucinations

Has anyone else ever had hallucinations of smell?
My family swears that it is a hallucination but I have never experienced anything like this before. It has always only been voices.
I have been terrified to go out in public.
I quit my job today because of it.

I had it a few times. One time in a bus I smelled strawberries after I had an intrusive thought. Also in the hospital I imagined my “brainchip” was frying and I smelled burnt electronics for a bit. (There was never a brainchip.)

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yes, I smelt this smell that was associated with horrific fear. it was meant to be a smell coming from my brain, of my brain being placed in that preserve liquid inside my head, so that when I die my brain will…anywyays don’t want to trigger but the point is it was very scary and ofcourse felt real

I smell burning stuff all the time.

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that reminds me I smelt a fire on the under ground.

I know they exist but I don’t think I’ve ever had one.

Yea when unmedicated or when drinking or when smoking weed. Smells like gasoline, bread, burning plastic etc
Also I had a metallic taste and tactile hallucinations, insects walking and biting all over body, for no reason. I kept scratching myself for no reason.

I used to get really horrific olfactory (smell) hallucinations. They were some of the worst hallucinations I’ve ever had. Smelled like some kind of otherworldly poison. Smelled it constantly and couldn’t escape it.

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I don’t know if it was a hallucination but I could smell death in the bathroom on the ward. I asked the nurses if they could smell it and they couldn’t. It was very pronounced. Also I could smell it in the foyer and again no one else could.

The other day I thought I smelt bad and was significantly maloderis and I asked a few people and they didn’t think so.

Not sure if it is just me or what. Seems like my senses are heightened at least

Yes. One time when I was having an episode I could smell ■■■■. I swear the neighbour smeered rabbit ■■■■ on the outside wall of my flat.

When I’m having an episode, I smell rotting or moldy food

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Yeh the smell thing. I used to get that burning smell before I was put on abilify.

Sometimes I used to smell vomit and urine. I once rubbed my hair with my hand, but once I smelt my hand it stunk of vomit.

Some years ago i went through a somatic psychosis, i smelled burning rubber in a period of half a year. Especially when urinating!

Im very often afraid i stink of sweat even i go to bath daily, change my clothes,

i ask friends “do i smell of sweat?” all the time. Or: “sorry i stink of sweat”

Strong smell of toast usually for me!

I smell gas in the house but we only have electrical heat and appliances. Also sometimes bread smells bad. I depend on the kids to smell things for me.

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