Think I have been hallucinating smells

Just like a burning smell. Have checked everywhere and all is fine - nothing burning. I am a bit stressed and I think my mind is playing tricks on me


One time I had a smell of straight poop in my nose for hours, not fun.

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Today I have been smelling something very sweet. Often I can’t eat bread because of smell and taste

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I used to smell flowers. Even in the midst of cow sh1t


i thought that once but it was my deoderant

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I have never had that. Have pretty extensive visuals though.

I had that a few times.
Turned out some dust was burning in my computer one time. Another time it was a fly getting toasted on a lightbulb.

I’ve hallucinated smells before, mostly mold.

I smell smoke a lot. It’s a very common hallucination according to my pdoc.

I get them, but rarely. I had them like a month before my first psychotic break. I thought I was some sort of genius and using a more percentage of my brain, it happened in class and deterred me from learning because I was pre-occupied on my newly discovered skills.

The other day I had the smell of vomit, cannabis etc. It’s pretty common for me

I used to smell smoke all the time. I still smell it, but my Grandpa’s living with us now and he smokes, so at this point, I doubt it’s a hallucination.

I often smell things other people don’t smell, but maybe it’s just that I’m endowed with a good sense of smell, or perhaps it’s suggestability. In any case the smells in question are often gas and pollutants. WHen do you know it’s a real hallucination?

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I used to get all kinds of really irritating olfactory (smell), hallucinations. Not fun.

When look though you might, you can’t find the source. Or, when other people can’t smell it. Those are usually pretty good tip offs.

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