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I need a new phone and am thinking of switching from an htc to an iPhone. Which do you prefer

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I don’t have either I have a pantech that my dad got for free once. Definitely feel uncool sometimes when everybody else whips out their new phones. But I barely use mine so who cares.

My mother in law wants a flip phone but I can’t find her one. We have T Mobile, they don’t sell one and she doesn’t want a smartphone.

I personally find the iPhone easier to navigate!


Has anyone used the ‘Move to iOS’ app? How was it?

Think my next one will be a Iphone

I have an iPhone. It’s user friendly, and it’s very easy to sync devices via Bluetooth technology.

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iPhone it’s easy to use…

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Is it morning

I haven’t been to bed

Hey @Daze it’s 112am Eastern Time where I live

I’ve had my iPhone for over two years - never again will I make that mistake, going back to android with my next phone. It’s an old one, an iPhone 4; there are things about it that I like, but mostly I hate that I can’t do a simple sync to Windows Media Player on my computer to put music on it. I refuse to waste money on iTunes. I use my old android as my mp3 player when I go to the gym, since that one is simple when it comes to syncing music.

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I use to be a phone whore. Got the newest phone as soon as it came out, was all over texting, social media apps, downloading music etc. all the damn time. Then…I spiraled to the utter f**king bottom, went nutso, was totally broke (penniless, literally) and got an Obamaphone. I am on SSDI now but I don’t want to spend it on a phone bill. I only text w my kids anyway. For now my Obamaphone works for me. My ex pays for the kids phones so they both have the latest and greatest. One has an iPhone 7 and the other has a Galaxy.

I have a clapped out old blackberry. I hate android, but that will probably be my upgrade choice when the time comes. Sucks.

android of course
why would you use iphone anyway

and if you are not from usa but you are using iphone omg i dont even want to talk to you :smiley:

Lol spongebob! :slight_smile:

I have an old mobile phone c2005. It has opera mini on it, but the phone is so small surfing the net with it is laborious(ditto texting) .
I don’t make many calls and have only made a handful of texts over the years.
For all I use a mobile phone I question the need to upgrade to a smartphone. Also the whole thing of using one seems quite complicated to me as a non tech savvy person.

I got this one on my night stand :stuck_out_tongue:


do you do iheartradio?

I’d like to find Radio Pup

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I had an arm band to hold my phone
while working out
but I can’t find it
unless my daughter took it

Usually I’m outside in park working out
and I resort to a fanny pack in the summer

I look like a total dork

I had java phone similar to one of firemonkey but last birthday my elder sister’s husband presented me with android lenovo a 1000 phone. Well before that I had a primitive android tablet only a couple of years old.