Has anybody used both iphone and Android?

Which did you prefer and why? What are the advantages / disadvantages of both?

I’m using a blackberry, but I doubt they’ll be making phones next year, and will probably have to get either an iPhone or an android phone.

i prefer android, just better phone selection, and google account is more streamlined

you should also consider windows phones


I prefer iPhone but that’s really because its specific to my needs. I use other Apple products for all the work I do so being able to be on just one platform is ideal for me. Most apps/services you would be using support both iOS and Android. Android will be cheaper and give you more options in terms of what phones you can use. Some apps are only available for iPhone but most will eventually be released on Android. It also depends on your location. I know that Android users have an easier time taking their phone when traveling internationally. There are tons of feature that I love on Apple products but I don’t think the average user would consider those when choosing a platform. Windows phones make up a very small percentage of the phones in use out there so that’s something to take into consideration. You will want to have flexibility with what you’re doing so personally I would opt to stick to either iPhone or Android. Also ask your cellular provider for what deals they have going. Different carriers will have different options for payment plans etc. If cost is a huge factor then Android will probably win out. No matter what you end up with I would suggest you get the most current phone you can afford. It doesn’t have to be super pricey but I know that Verizon will give you a free iPhone with some promotions but they are 3+ year old models sometimes and in the end you are screwed because the current operating system requirements can’t support most of what you would need to do and things like battery life and data usage will go up just so it can run.

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I prefer android too - its more open (I can take pictures and easily download them to my computer without having to use iphoto (which you can’t get the photos out of , at least not easily). And a lot more people use android than Apple (that is, Android has a bigger share of the market) - and the phones are less expensive. Plus a lot more options to choose from:


As someone who has owned both, the only area where Apple is still ahead is their visual voicemail. If you use voicemail extensively you’ll want Apple. Otherwise, I’m much happier with my switch to Droid. Saving money and I get to use a better product.



I have used Androids in the past.

I now use an iPhone and am much happier.

iPhones are easy to use.


I have an iphone. Very easy to use. Simple but you can’t do anything you want with it. Like changing interface. But I just need it to phone calls, email, texts, photo and surf. That it can do well.

I started with iPhone but now I have an Android. I like Android a lot better. It just makes more sense and is easier to customize.

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I was having Android smartphone and iPod Touch then iPad but in the end, I sold all of them, and use a simple Samsung phone (without camera) because both Android and iOS devices are complicated. They aren’t phone or tablet, they are computers. And I don’t need a computer to carry around in my pocket.

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