Bought a new phone ... What phone do you use?

I got the LG G4 , apparently the camera on it is amazing. I have always had an Apple so wish me luck with this one. It’s a lot cheaper than my iPhone 6 too.


I paid about £390 and hoping that is a good price. Don’t like it its going back.

I like my iphone 6 - Ive owned an Android before - I prefer my Apple :smile:

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I love Apple because its user friendly even my mum can use it. However I find Andriod has more options to customise. I like both. I’m just getting this new one for the camera mainly.

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iPhone 5. I like it better than android. The screen is prettier, the battery life is better, has a higher quality chasis, and the operating system is more stable.

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Yeah, I like Apple because of its simplicity, you are right

I have a Verizon flip-phone.

I’m waiting for the new iPhone. I have maybe iPhone 5, I’m not sure.

Huawei cheap . But now that Im finally getting to use apps and such, I think an Iphone would be cool. My Huawei was only 60$ and I think chinese phones are a good buy.

I agree with you.I am Chinese.

iPhone 6 :iphone:

I did not get it in the end cancelled the order my bro told me to stick to my iPhone

Androids a “better” phone. Iphone has better work flow. I like my iphone 5 cause of music. Anyone got the apple watch i heard those r kinda cool

I want one :watch: they are expensive.

I know my roommate has one and it’s super cool looking but yea very expensive. But i dont wear watches anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Who needs time right?

I like the heart rate feature. I had a Fitbit HR but it kept acting up, so I brought it back. I’m obsessed with my heart.

That thing is inaccurate.

Yea it does have that which is really cool especially if you run and exercise. Or just curious

That’s why I brought the piece of ■■■■ back. The apple watch probably is too.

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How old are you? What kind of stuff are you into?