Smartphone Game Reduces Anxiety

Many people here have spoken about their anxieties. Here is a new game that has scientific evidence that it helps - try it out and let us know if you find it helpful:

Anxiety relief could be at your fingertips just by playing a game on your smartphone, new research suggests. Not just any game, though. A professor of psychology and neuroscience teamed up with app developers to design a game called Personal Zen that incorporates the latest science to clinically reduce anxiety levels while you play.

Dr. Tracy Dennis, the game’s creator and a professor at Hunter College in New York, says the game helps fill a gap in the mental health care system.

Personal Zen for Iphone

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This is some really interesting stuff.

There is so much work on behavior modification and emotional response being done in the tech industry these days. Companies spend an incredible amount of money to modify a user’s psychology like this, though not always with altruistic intentions. Game designers, for example, sometimes try to enhance the fun of a game to promote addiction to it so people keep spending money. Even Facebook is using science to manipulate its users psychologically. Business has been doing this for years in advertising but it seems now that tech has accelerated this research of late. There’s no way to stop it, it will only become more effective as time goes on, the genie is out of the bottle.

It can be scary stuff but out of this inevitable research some good things, like this, can come.

Yes - like any technology or knowledge - it can be used for good and bad.

This is only available for Apple products I guess. :frowning:

Thanks for this article!