New game app being used to treat anxiety

"Gamification — the use of video game techniques to do more than just entertain — is a big buzzword these days. It’s being used in management, education and advertising.

There are hundreds of mental health apps already on the market, and many incorporate elements of gamification. But few are based on scientific research."


Now available in the AppStore! Ive been fooling around with it and it’s actually very soothing. It’s simple, but forces you to focus.

I’m hooked!


What do you do? How does it work?

The game starts out in a peaceful meadow, with meditation music playing in the background.

Then, two monster looking creatures appear. One is good, and is smiling. The other is evil and is frowning.

They both go underground and disappear. Then you have to follow the GOOD creature through the blades of grass in the meadow. If you trace his path by swiping your finger, you get points.

I guess the point is to get you to focus on the good, and not the bad. Plus it’s a simple and relaxing game.

It’s free, so I figured, “why not give it a shot?”



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