Slow, involuntary thoughts / talking loud to your own thoughts

Like everybody else my normal thinking is just a steady flow and im not aware of my own thinking.

But all of a sudden my thinking goes slow and im painfully aware of my ”thinking about thinking.” And then i start to talk loud with my own thoughts (about thoughts) and im caught up in this involuntary awareness of thinking while i’m talking loud to my own thoughts.

It’s very annoying and often i have to go to bed…

Then after a couple of hours it stops, for no reason, and im very relieved.

Well, i guess there is a reason for my SZ disorder - and thanks god i don’t suffer from lack of thoughts / emptiness. It’s the worst thing i have ever experienced.

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That’s how it is for me too.

I had this severe, going on for night and day, until I said loud in my mind that it should stop, since then I have stopped this behaviour. It was last common in early 2017 after my last hospital stay.

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Interesting and impressing. I wish i could tell it to stop, i have tried but failed.

But i will try it again next time it comes.

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