Talking to oneself?


Does anyone else talk to themselves out loud? I have always particularly talked to myself while I wash dishes or while I’m doing some kind of cleaning. I think for sure my down and up neighbors think I’m weird. I’m sure they’ve heard me. I rarely ever talk on the phone to people. I find if I talk to myself out loud, I keep from thinking too negatively. I get things sorted out when I talk to myself. It helps me understand my true position on things…it also helps me not be a slave to the voices. I’m wondering if I talk more than what would be considered normal compared to a person that doesn’t have sz/sza

Any Thoughts?

I read aloud to myself otherwise I don’t absorb any information at all

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Same with me or else I’ll have to read over and over and over again…but I normally have to do that anyways even when I read aloud…

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Nothing wrong with it. I’ll try next time I do the dishes now I feel like that will make it more interesting

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I just posted a thread on this because I talk to myself (when I am alone) all the time. I am delusional and believe I am being watched 24/7 so I am talking to the scientists controlling my brain as well as my ‘audience’. I googled ‘talking to yourself out loud’ and virtually nothing negative came up. Apparently it’s OK. My case is a little different though because I am delusional and talking to other people who aren’t there.

I talk to myself all the time just to try and stop these thoughts and hear what I want to hear not some bs thoughts that I have specially with this broadcasting thing. It helps a lot to talk to myself sometimes I even have conversations with myself to the point where if someone heard me from close they’d think I’m kinda crazy but They can’t say I am because I’m not saying things to make me sound crazy. I can relate so much with you and why u do it feels good to have someone understand what we are going through.

I used to talk to myself a few years ago. I thought aliens and goverment surveillance was listening. I’d go outside at night and talk to myself for hours. I wasn’t taking meds and one day I just decided I didn’t want to sound crazy talking to myself so I made an effort not to. At first I’d type things and then delete them. Later on I managed to stop that too. I was able to stop talking to myself without meds for the most part. Since I’ve been on meds I haven’t talked to myself once.