I forgot what it is called -- when you think your thoughts are aloud

thought broadcasting, I just remembered.

anyways, does anybody know what to do about it? I have been suffering with this disorder in addition to sz for about 15 years and it bugs me.

besides ignoring it and telling yourself nobody can really read your mind, what’s to be done?




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I learned that term not long ago, and I had it for sure for a few months until recently as the meds have cleared that up for me and now I appear to have a different set of issues. Along with thought broadcasting I was perceiving language in a strange way that is hard to explain, and my illness told me I was also at the center of things, somehow, that the smallest details going on were part of something larger.

Anyway, sorry, don’t really know what I’d have done without the medication, just continue to have the delusions (incl. thought broadcasting) I guess. Strange too how you can recognize your own thinking as absurd in some ways, yet be powerless to change it.

One thing I did for a little while was “reality checking” – trying to apply some logic to the thought disorder. It helped a little bit. Like, i’d say, well, if others know what I’m thinking how come I don’t know what another person is thinking… I can’t read others’ thoughts, is it possible they can read mine? I know it isn’t possible but this logic is weak against a strong illness.

thanks jajingna for your input. maybe my meds will kick in that way too eventually. I won’t give up hope.


It IS amazing how you can be perfectly aware of how crazy your thoughts are and yet be powerless to change it. My meds actually do help. I haven’t been psychotic in 10 months. Hoping to make that year mark. If my delusion were true, it would take at least millions, if not billions to execute not to mention 100’s of thousands of people. It is just plain ridiculous to think that it could be true and yet I believe it. Well, ‘A’ for no psychosis. I am headed in the right direction.

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone can hear one another’s thoughts but no one is consciously aware of it. Since no one is actually conscious of what specifically I’m thinking I don’t let it bother me so much, though I still try to avoid thinking bad things about others when I’m around them because I’m worried subconsciously they will began acting mean towards me because subconsciously they picked up on my thoughts (which has happened to me before).