Slipknot, KoRn, and King 810 Concert


Just got back from the concert with Jason. It was amazing!! We had great seats and the bands put on a great show. Slipknot was awesome. I was a little surprised at their choice of songs as there were some I really wanted to hear, but it was still a great show. Slipknot has so much energy and really gets the crowd going. After KoRn I was sure I was going to lose my voice from screaming. King 810 was awesome too. I’ve never heard them before, but I liked them. I really wanted a concert shirt and ended up paying $40 for one. It’s a cool shirt, but a little pricy. If I were to drink tonight it would have been equivalent to 4 beers so I think I made the right choice. The tour is called Prepare for Hell and if it comes by you I highly recommend going. :sunny:


Sounds great. I want to go to a concert!


I will go too in February when they come to Sweden. :smiley:


You’re going to love it!! It was definitely up there as one of the best concerts I’ve been to. :sunny: