Excited. Going to see Slipknot!

I’m excited! I’m going to see Slipknot live with a friend in february.

Any dress codes or something I need to know? :smiley:


I totally wouldn’t know how to prepare for a Slipknot concert but good for you !

Sounds great @Comatose! I admire your bravery - I would not be able to go to a concert - too many people for me - good for you! :smile:

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Very cool. I hear they’re great live. Their live DVD was damn good.

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I was talking to a friend. He has seen them three times!! Now I saw they are coming to Sweden. I just have to go. :slight_smile: i’ve got another friend with me. I won’t go alone. That is good. Also I’ll ask my son if he wants to join us. He also listens to Slipknot…sometimes. Mostly dubstep.