Going to a Concert with my Cousin

My cousin is taking me to see Slipknot later on today.

I am going to take some Diazepam just in case, as I am not that good with crowds.

It has been many months since I saw live music. Last time I had a panic attack before, and I couldn’t go.

This time things are a bit more stable, so I am just going to try and enjoy it.

I will be well out of my comfort zone but it’s nice my cousin thought of me to go to such an event, as I have no friends to go with.


Enjoy. I’d love to see slipknot live and I’m no fan but think it’d be a great show.

I get out every now and then to a gig. I usually have like 2 beers to relax before the show. A benzo will do the same thing so not bad policy…

Enjoy and let us know how it goes and what you think of them live…I think you’ll be happy.


I will thanks @rogueone I think they will be good.

Did you get a music streaming in the end? I have downloaded about 30 albums and I don’t even start paying for it yet


hey mate…need some air buds for my new phone so hanging till I get them…Bloody cost is ridiculous and been spending some money on upgrading my computer monitor. I’m with you and will do the apple thing. Just will be a bit longer till I get there…

Mate. Enjoy the show. I look forward to hearing what you think of them live. Live music is still so much fun and pleasure for me.


Concerts are awesome, my old janitor job let me watch loads of concerts for free, good times. Have some fun dude, tell us how it goes later.


@anon21561657 @rogueone

Had a pretty good view


Yeah awesome…what did you think of them live? Was it a good show and worth seeing?

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Definitely. Hearing their music live and that loud was an experience to say the least. One of the guitarists even had a flame thrower at one point. They’re so talented. Even though it was a tour for their new album, they played loads of their older songs and only a few off the new album.


Hey mate. Yeah cool. Wouldn’t say I’m a fan or listened to much of their music but have heard some over the years and not so bad. Would probably see them for something different…

Glad you had a good time and got out there. Very cool.


I nominate you as forum positive lol



Thanks @JustTrish .

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