Sleeping pills

i asked my pdoc for sleeping pills, and he gave me anti psychotics, i am pissed off

What?!?? Did they think another antipsychotic would make you sleepy?

i dont really know, but i am calling to the clinic tommrow to complain about it, im not happy one bit about it…i will post the name of the anti psychotic here in a minute

they gave me Chlorpromazine , and all i wanted was sleeping tablets

There’s nothing in the least bit funny about that. That’s a typical ap too. And I thought my psychiatrist was bad…

Have you tried a melatonin supplement. It is our bodies natural sleep regulating hormone that I take when I want to fall asleep faster along with the herbs Valerian root and Chamomile in the same pill.


Can you imagine what life was like before google and search engines. You’d be taking another antipsychotic now.

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id rather not sleep if so, i asked for zimovane not another strong anti psychotic that could do more worse than good!

Here in the UK some anti-psychotics are routinely used to aid sleep. As is amitriptyline.

Doctors are too scared they will get sued if you get addicted to benzo sleeping pills.

This can ■■■■ me off. I was doing great on klonopin until my new doctor withdrew it saying it was addictive. He gave me seroquel instead. They seem to think APs are safer/better than benzos. Obviously they have never taken APs.

I hear you. I would get a new doc, if I was denied klonopin. It doesn’t really help me sleep anymore but, does calm me down.

Seroquel makes me crazier then I already am. Hate taking that for sleep.

after I got on geodon, I had insomnia for a really long time. after trying a few sleeping pills, I found one that worked for me, it’s called Ativan. I take 0.5 mg before I go to sleep. Now that I’m quitting zeldox geodon, I’m also gonna try to quit ativan, I’m gonna suffer through it though. These meds are for anxiety, sleeping pills are the worst.